I Am A Church Member


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Best-selling author and ministry leader Thom S. Rainer drew an exceptional response when he posted a 500-word declaration about church membership to his daily blog.:I Am a Church Member" started a conversation about the attitudes and responsibilities of church members -- rather than the functional and theological issues -- that previous new member primers all but ignored., - Thoughtfully expanded to book form, I Am a Church Member begins to remedy the outbreak of inactive or barely committed church members, addressing without apology what is expected of those who join a body of believers. When a person's attitude is consistently biblical and healthy, matters of giving, serving, and so forth will fall into place more naturally.- , Six intentional chapters with study questions guide this rising discussion:- , 1. I Will Be a Unifying Church Member - 2. I Will Not Let the Church Be About My Preferences and Desires - 3. I Will Pray for My Church Leaders - 4. I Will Lead My Family to Be Healthy Church Members - 5. I Will Be a Functioning Member - 6. I Will Treasure Church Membership as a Gift, 96 pages, Hardcover, 17.8 x 12,7 cm